Health Remediesy

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Health Remediesy

The Kalapurusa:

The 12 signs of Zodiac can duly hbe identified by the body parts of Kalapurusha. In accordance with the Kapapurusha, the Aries represents the head, Vrishabaha represents the Face & neck, and Mithuna represents Arms. Similarly, Karaka rashi represents chest and heart, Simha represents stomach, kanya represents hip part of the body. The penis is represented by Tula rashi, and the hidden parts with the aid of Vrishchika. The Dhanu Rashi symbolizes the thighs, Makara signifies knees, Kumbh rashi represents ankles. The Mina rashi represents feet. Hence, if there is a particular beneficiary planet situated in the body of the Kalapurusha, it is definitely going to strengthen that particular body part of the individual.

The natal transits and horary astrology are the most popular methods which are utilized to meet the needs of medical astrology.

The zodiac is the 16 degree band of the sky, which is divided into 12 equal parts. These equal parts represents the zodiac signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. It is due to the rotation of the earth that the zodiacs appear to rotate around the earth once every 24 hours.

Health Remedies

There is a close relationship in between zodiac signs, future, past and present of humans. Since, health is an indispensable aspect of human life; it is no surprise that health is relates to astrology. This concept led to the birth of Medical Astrology. Latromathematics is the traditional term for Medical astrology. It is this ancient medical system which associates astrological signs, planets, sun and moon with parts of our body, medications or drugs and ailments.

The foundation of Medical Astrology dates back to centuries. There is a reference of Medical Astrology in the epic poem ‘Astronomical’ which was penned by Marcus Manillus. One can read about the associated principles to further enrich their knowledge. Whether you are part of the current generation or belong to older gen, one cannot negate the impact of Ayurveda in the traditional Indian medicine. The most eminent personalities of Indian Medicine, Charak and Sushruta, held definite knowledge in the field of astrology and took its aid for treating the sick. Besides Indians, the Romans, Egyptians, Chinese and Greeks also believed that, human behavior was directly or indirectly related to the planets and sun signs.

Medical astrology, a part of Vedic Astrology, requires a comprehensive knowledge of both Astrology as well as Medicine. Principally, each of the astrological sign is associated with one particular part of the human body. In fact, the plants as well are somehow related to one or the other astronomical planet. This is the reason why an assortment of old herbs was used to treat a particular type of disorder or disease. There are 12 Schuesslers cell salts which have been associated with the 12 zodiac signs. Hence, Medical astrology is a field of science which is a fusion of astronomy, human physiology and herbs. All these combinations heals the ailing person by predicting the anticipated illness and possible remedy.

Principle of Medical Astrology:

The main objective of Medical astrology is to provide one with thorough knowledge of the effects of cosmic combinations on the health of an individual. With the help of zodiac signs corresponding to its relative body part, one can find the:-

      Likelihood and severity of a particular disease
      The total term of a particular disease.
      The impact of a particular disease on the body of the individual and his or her life.